I can Help!

I can help!

No person is immune to the difficulties of life. Everyone at one time or another suffers deep loss, feelings of disillusionment, meaninglessness, and painful choices. There is good news, however. There is hope.

My Methodology

In a safe space, together we will identify and examine the thoughts, beliefs, and behavioral patterns that are keeping you from achieving your goals, experiencing the loving and intimate relationships you desire, and living the life you want. I will also engage and incorporate the unconscious psyche into treatment to help uncover the many layers that make you, you. In this way,  emotional well-being, self-discovery, and growth are possible.

Type of Therapies

I come from a person-centered approach believing that each person has the capacity and desire for change and transformation. Drawing from depth psychology with an emphasis in relational psychodynamic theory, together we will look at the events in your childhood and how they have shaped your personality and influenced your adult life. Combining these methodologies with existentialism, acceptance and commitment therapy, and positive psychology, we are able to explore your values and uncover your purpose, so that you can find deeper meaning and happiness in your life.

What I know

When one is true to themselves, one is living in integrity. Living in integrity takes integrating all the parts of the “self” into a whole. This integration process is one of the main goals of therapy. It is a convergence and unity, not just of the mind, but of the body and spirit. And when the body, mind and spirit become unified into one, things feel right with the world. We are more proactive. We make better choices. We live larger. We live longer. And we are more ourselves: authentic, healthy, whole and free. That is what I know. And that is what I want for you.

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I am working at The Well Therapy Group in private practice gaining hours and experience under the supervision of Judy Benvenuto, LMFT.